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Roofing - Fern Bank

This traditional roof completed in 2006/07 consisted of two Green Oak mono-pitch trusses supporting two sets of Green Oak purlins. The roof then continues into a gable extension with the roof supported by a massive A-frame truss (queen post), which you can see below.

the beginning
This shows the existing house with the wrap around extension ready to have it's roof fitted.

truss and a purlin prep
The Green Oak trusses and purlins.

trusses in place
Lifting the Oak trusses into place.

purlins in place
The Oak purlins being put in place. The trusses and purlins wrapped in industrial clingfilm to protect from moisture and builders dirt!

lifting a-frame into plave lifting a-frame into place
Dangling from a crane, The A-frame is dropped into place.

The A-Frame braced.

progress progress
progress progress
Roof taking shape.

roof insulation a frame
Roof covered in high efficiency 'tri-iso' insulation. A-Frame, inside after plastering.

completed roof
The completed roof.


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