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Structural - Studwork - Yealand  

Images of studwork completed in yealand. ...

Structural - Mono Truss - Yealand  

This mono pitch truss supporting the edge of a new roof was constructed from scotts pine, a much denser and tighter grained pine than is normally used for internal roof joinery. ...

Structural - Cladding a Steel Lintol in Oak - Fern Bank  

Sometimes architects have strange ideas best known to themselves. For this project we were asked to take a new oak beam and cut it down to sit against a steel boot lintel, with a soffit return underneath. ...

Structural - Pair of Oak Beams - Fern Bank  

Two huge Green Oak beams were to be used to support a floor in the living room of this new build. The beams were so heavy that it took 6 of us to lift them a few feet at a time. Below you can see we employed mechanical means to get them down the steep rou...

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